Cloud Use at the RWTH



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Approaching the Cloud

"Only with suitable support of the core processes "teaching" and "research", as well as the support processes involved through information technology, can RWTH Aachen University achieve its goal of belonging to the circle of the best universities. This can only be achieved if RWTH Aachen University also plays a leading role among German universities in the digitisation of research, teaching and administration".
(From the IT concept of RWTH Aachen University)

As a partner, the IT Center actively supports the design of the digitization processes at RWTH Aachen University. Against this background, the IT Center has been dealing with the topic of "Cloud" in the university environment at the RWTH for some time now.

The IT Center's cloud strategy aims to create scope for rapid capacity growth. A wider range of services is to be offered through ever faster provisioning processes.

Project: "Cloud Use at the RWTH"

In cooperation with the departments 5 (Organisation and IT), 7.3 (Purchasing and Customs) and 9 (Legal Affairs) as well as the data protection officer of the RWTH, three teams were formed, coordinated by the IT Center, which deal with the following focal points:

  • Commercial and legal issues (Department 7, Department 9, IT Center)
  • Data Protection and Data Security (DSB, CTO, IT Manager Security of the IT Center)
  • Communication in the committees of the RWTH (Department 5, Managing Director of the IT Center)