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The North Rhine-Westphalia competence network for high performance computing (hpc.nrw) creates personnel and organizational prerequisites which combine the expertise of the large HPC centers (so-called Tier-2) with the consulting services of smaller (Tier-3) centers. hpc.nrw offers a competent and diversified contact point for HPC users in NRW. In order to ensure basic services for universities of applied sciences and all facilities without tier-3 centers, the tier-2 centers offer a uniform, structured access for HPC users of all universities in NRW.

Within the framework of hpc.nrw a network of thematic clusters is established for low-threshold education-, counsel- and coaching offers. The aim of this network is the effective and efficient usage of high performance computing and storage facilities as well as the support of scientists who recently graduated with a diploma or doctorate. In addition, all available resources in NRW are depicted in a transparent way.

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