Art Meets Virtual Reality: Start of the Future Lab 2016


On December 1st, the mayor of Aachen Marcel Philipp hosted the attunement for the Future Lab 2016 . The event gave insight into the close cooperation between the IT Center, the Visual Computing Institute (both RWTH Aachen University) and the local artist Tim Berresheim .

Tim Berresheim is a main protagonist of contemporary and computer-generated art. In the context of his retrospective in the Aachener Ludwig Forum, he drew on the possibilities offered by RWTH's aixCAVE, an immersive virtual reality environment. His artwork "Tarnen & Täuschen III" was enliven by master student Dennis Scully (supervisors: Profs Kuhlen and Kobbelt) resulting in an intensely experience for everybody, complementing his exhibition perfectly.

The event started with a warm welcome by Marcel Philipp and a guided tour through the Berresheim exhibition „Tim Berresheim 2003-2015“ at Ludwig Forum Aachen. Afterwards about 30 personalities of Aachen and the regional art scene as well as representatives of the RWTH Aachen visited the IT Center. Here, Prof. Matthias S. Müller, director of the IT Center, gave an overview about the course of the cooperation, before everyone had the possibility to immersive him or herself into "Tarnen & Täuschen III", while rearranging the original artwork. In our youtube video one can receive an impression of the final application.

Besides, different stations gave an insight into the IT Center, e.g., visiting the RWTH’s supercomputer, or into research projects worked on by scientists of the group for immersive visualization and virtual reality. The guests could test a Virtual Reality based simulator for regional anesthesia or experience an interactive visualization of brain volume changes due to brain degeneration.