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Teaming up with the Virtual Reality and Visualization groups, the ISS team (Infrastructure, Software, Services) of the IT Center supports the institutions of RWTH Aachen University and external partners in all issues related to (immersive) visualization and virtual reality.

The wide range of services includes:

  • Usage of the central infrastructure in the IT Center's VR Lab (AixCAVE, headset VR systems, visualization cluster).
  • Usage of our virtual reality integrations for Unity and the Unreal Engine
  • Consulting and methodological support for the creation of (immersive) visualizations and VR applications
  • Development of ready-to-use visualization and VR applications by the IT Center
  • Consulting for the establishment of VR infrastructure at the institutes and chairs
  • Partnership in research projects with scientific questions concerning (immersive) visualization and virtual reality

VR Project Support

In the realm of virtual reality and immersive visualization, the IT Center has long been operating the AixCAVE, a state-of-the-art virtual reality laboratory. The AixCAVE, along with our proficient staff, is made available by the Virtual Reality and Immersive Visualization groups as part of the service entitled “VR Project Support”. This service caters to both internal and external participants from RWTH Aachen University, offering bespoke development of practice-ready visualization and VR applications. Our support is provided on a time and materials basis, subject to a fee.