The steering and project group set up by the university management for the network renewal has developed a telephone concept based on various criteria (available funding, application formalities, technical requirements, operational optimization aspects, innovation wishes, etc.). One component of this concept is the definition of a standardized workplace telephone for all employees of RWTH Aachen University. This is equipped with a video function that can be activated or deactivated by means of a hardware switch.

As part of the migration of the telecommunications system to Voice-over-IP, a total of around 12,000 telephones will be replaced. Technically, the focus of the work is on the switch to IPv6, the high encryption standards and the establishment of a local infrastructure in Aachen. Innovative additional functions such as video telephony, computer-telephone integration and softphone clients provide significant added value in the area of telecommunications.

New Phone Sets

The change of the central telecommunication system requires the replacement of all phone sets.

For technical reasons, existing phone sets cannot be operated on the new telecommunication system. The new end devices are connected exclusively via the Internet protocol and the network infrastructure of the RWTH to the central components and servers of the new telecommunications system managed by the IT Center. Changes to the network structure are not permitted unless they are initiated or carried out by the IT Center.

Four purpose-related different terminals can be used at the new telecommunications system:

  1. Office phones with video functionality
  2. Corridor or technical phones with a reduced range of functions
  3. Conference phones for calls with several people in the room
  4. Cordless WLAN phones for mobile use within the range of the RWTH WLAN radio network

Instructions and further information about the new telecommunication system can be found in our documentation portal IT Center Help.