FAQ on Network Renewal


Below we have listed some of the most frequently asked questions regarding the transition to the new telephone system.
In addition, IT Center Help provides you with more detailed information on the IT Center's telephone services, such as instructions, FAQs, configuration notes and announcements:



Who Exactly Is Affected by the Telephone System Renewal?

As part of the RWTH network renewal, the entire telephone system of the RWTH is being renewed building by building. In the future, all RWTH employees will be able to use the new communication technology.

Do All RWTH Employees Receive a Video Phone?

Each workstation telephone existing at the time of the inventory will be replaced by a videophone as part of the network renewal. If there is additional demand, the respective facility can procure additional telephones.

Do All RWTH Employees Receive a Personal Phone Number?

All RWTH employees, with the exception of student assistants, receive a personal telephone number.

Student assistants do not receive a personal phone number, but can use group phones with a group phone number.

Telephones in technology and common rooms will continue to have a fixed call number, thereby allowing the use of basic functions. These include (video) telephony without caller lists, CTI or softphone use).

When Exactly Will the Changeover Take Place?

The RWTH network renewal was launched in January 2018. The measures are being carried out on a building-by-building basis and are scheduled to be completed in all 320 RWTH buildings within a project period of eight years.

The order of the buildings to be renewed is based on the evaluation of technical conditions and necessities.

The project coordinators of the IT Center will contact the contact persons of the respective facilities a few months before the network renewal.

Can I Take My Saved Speed Dials With Me When I Switch Over?

For technical reasons, it is unfortunately not possible to transfer the stored phone numbers from the old to the new telephone system. Please make a note of these numbers before the changeover so that you can set them up again on the new system.

Will My Call Forwarding Remain Active During the Changeover?

To ensure that your call detour continue to function after the changeover, you can set them up again in the TK-Portal. This can usually be done one day before the changeover.

You can find instructions on how to set up your call forwarding in the IT Center Help documentation portal.

Can I Simply Change My Workplace?

Unlike in the past, the new Cisco phones are no longer personalized and simply remain in place when you move or change workplaces. Simply log on to the Cisco phone at your new location with your user data. Your personal phone number and your individual settings, such as configured speed dial keys, will thus be taken with you to the new location. 

Please do not attempt to take the phone with you or move it. Do not unplug any cables from the phone or the switch, as the data port will be automatically locked by our security configuration in this case. Reactivation is only possible through the IT Center. In this case, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.

Who Pays for the New Phones?

Within the scope of the RWTH network renewal, the telephone sets existing at the time of application will be replaced on a 1:1 basis.

Any additional requirements for terminal equipment that exceed the financing options of the network renewal are to be covered by the affected institutions.

Who Do I Contact if I Have a Problem?

Please first contact the IT contact person at your institution if you experience problems with your telephone. They will usually be able to help you in the short term. If your problem cannot be solved, please contact the IT-ServiceDesk.