Microsoft Imagine becomes Azure Dev Tools for Teaching


After MSDNNA, Dreamspark and Imagine, now comes Azure Dev Tools for Teaching. However, it is still a Microsoft licensing program designed to promote the training of IT professionals, especially developers.


It enables all members of the RWTH Aachen University to obtain Microsoft developer and designer tools for their studies and teaching free of charge.

In addition to the name, the corresponding shop and thus the access will also change: The old shop was finally shut down on June 30, 2019. Please note that the serial numbers of your previous orders stored there will then no longer be retrievable.

Since February 11, 2019, no new licenses for Microsoft Imagine can be obtained via the Kivuto webshop - now the connection via Campus-Office is also terminated.

Authorized RWTH students and staff now have access to the Microsoft web portal. For details on rights of use and purchase options, please refer to our documentation portal.