RWTHmoodle enters second round

RWTHmoodle Flyer Copyright: © ExAcT

The first semester with RWTHmoodle as a university-wide e-learning platform is over!


For the team around RWTHmoodle, however, the go-live did not mean the end of the development of the system and its support structures. Although the system had already been thoroughly tested in three test and pilot phases, a live operation with tens of thousands of users brings with it its own challenges and experiences.

These findings and the results of the user survey from the second pilot phase in the winter semester 2018/19 help the IT Center and the Center for Teaching and Learning Services, Center for Innovative Learning Technologies to better adapt the operation, technical development and support around RWTHmoodle to the needs of the user base and to improve the overall offering.

Further Information

Further details as well as the presentation of the most important improvements can be found in our blog post „RWTHmoodle Even Better – Verbesserungen im Sommersemester 2019“.