ITSM working group meets in Aachen

Photo of the participants

Participants of the IT Service Management working group meeting in the IT Center.


The topic of this year's ZKI working group IT-Servicemanagement (German only) autumn conference was public relations. On November 26 and 27, 21 representatives from more than 15 universities met in the IT Center of the RWTH Aachen University to exchange experiences.

The first day included practice reports on social media and corresponding reporting with subsequent discussion. The first day started with a field report by Mr. Krikas on the introduction and success measurement of the still young social media channels of the IT Center. Mrs. Blomenkemper, deputy spokeswoman of the working group, supplemented the contribution with a demonstration using Facebook as an example. In the discussion that followed, there was a lively exchange about social media and its use in data centers.

After a varied evening cultural programme with a visit to Aachen Cathedral and the Christmas Market, the focus on the second day of the event was on fault and status reports as well as crisis communication with appropriate (technical) aids.

In addition to interesting content, the event once again offered plenty of scope for personal exchange and networking.

  Twitter Tweed by Irmgard Blomenkemper to the event