NRW Fellowship to IT Center employee

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The Wissenschaftsministerium NRW and the Stifterverband support lecturing tutors of the universities of the federal state North Rhine-Westphalia with their new program „Fellowships für Innovationen in der digitalen Hochschullehre‟ concerning the implementation of innovative digital teaching projects.


Within the context of this program 40 fellowships have been awarded in autumn 2016 for innovations of digital university teaching. They are about individual personal promotion giving the fellows the opportunity of free development and ressources concerning the conducting of the teaching innovations.

The announcement aims at creating incentives for the development of digitally supported teaching and examination formats or to give the possibility of recreating modules and studying periods.

In addition the conservation of existing digital teaching projects is also planned. One of these promotions is maintained by Bastian Küppers, doctoral candidate at the IT Center and Learning Technologies Research Group (LuFGi9), to explore the possibility of using personal terminals for taking electronic exams.

The digitalization increasingly finds its way into all fields of life, and therefore also at education.

This trend often stops at the auditing of the universities considering a costly infrastructure of hardware as a necessary base. The exploration of using these devices in electronic examinations makes sense because nowadays nearly every student has such suitable gadgets.

Especially within the context of the professional instruction of MATSE at the IT Center of RWTH Aachen the necessary conditions for this kind of digital examinations are given because every trainee gets a mobile device at the beginning of his/her professional instruction.

The exploration concerning the fellowship project should therefore take place in constant cooperation with the professional instruction of MATSE and ensure the extension of theoretical and practical instruction relating to the auditing.