Functional expansion of GigaMove


Since 2010 the IT Center has been offering a user-friendly web application called GigaMove For sharing large files.Being developed in the context of a bachelor thesis, the platform has been successfully used in the DFN-AAI federation for years.It allows the provision of files for a period of fourteen days, which can also be downloaded by partners outside the framework of DFN-AAI.


Within the framework of creative idea management, a function extension was desired at the end of last year, which provides an automatic reminder concerning expiring GigaMove uploads. Starting from April 4th 2017 users receive a reminder mail three days before the provision period expires, in case the data files have not been retrieved yet by the partner.

In the case of several expiring links without download, the links are grouped together in one reminder email.This function applies retroactively to data, which has already made available.Unfortunately, it is not possible to extend the deadline directly out of the reminder email.

For an extension of the deadline(s), users have to login on GigaMove and administrate the respective expiration date in the section “Manage Files” (by 14 days).For further information on GigaMove, please visit our documentation portal. More details about the creative idea management are offered by the internal websites of RWTH Aachen University. (Only reachable from the network of RWTH Aachen)