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An advertising stunt published by a manufacturer of step counters in Japan in the 70s has in the meantime been scientifically proven: 10.000 steps a day help to stay fit and healthy.

To support exercise in daily routine among RWTH students and employees the university sport center together with health management of the RWTH organizes, within the frame of the project “RWTH active – Moving University”, a step counting team challenge “Every step counts”.

The initiative provides the possibility to make a step, together with the team, towards more exercise in everyday life.

The application required for registration as a team or as a single participant as well as for managing steps in a web form has been programmed by the IT Center department “IT Project Support”. The steps made during the day can be filled out and the program recalculates them in terms of distance and calories (basing on average values). In addition, the system provides an overview of the personal status within the team (or as a single participant) and comparison between participants or teams.

So go for it: complete your own team and throw a challenge to your colleagues or take up the challenge yourself! Single participants or teams can register themselves starting from May 10, 2017 to be able to count their steps 14 days long in different time periods in the coming year.

Further details about the process and registration are provided on the web site of the step counting team challenge “Every step counts” (german only).