More features in the eduroam Device Manager

Screenshot Copyright: © IT Center

RWTH Aachen University's Device Management was introduced about two years ago. It offers the possibility to generate individual Wifi credentials for every mobile device. The benefit:  So you can - for example in case of loss of a device - easily delete the generated credentials via the eduroam Device Manager.  The seperation of the Wifi access data from other services of RWTH Aachen has gained a high level of password security and protection against abuse since then.


Now the new eduroam Device Manager will go into productive operation. It offers new features and shows itself in a new design. Besides the already existing possibility to delete Wifi credentials -for example for lost -devices, there is from now on the option to reset passwords and track a device's activities within the eduroam Wifi. Here are all attempted logins listed and, if available, also corresponding locations indicated. In addition, all failed login attempts are recorded as well.

Furthermore, the generated credentials will change after the changeover: From now on, it is <identification> Already registered devices retain the old label <identification> and remain valid.