About the Networks Division

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The Networks division is responsible for the network technology infrastructure at RWTH Aachen University. We connect all of the approximately 300 buildings to the RWTH network via fiber optic cable. For this purpose, we manage approx. 6,000 routers and switches and approx. 4,000 WLAN access points, which provide access to the RWTH network and the Internet for students and employees. The connection to the Internet is currently realized with a bandwidth of 200 GBit/s (200,000 MBit/s). In addition, we operate several telephone systems with about 12,000 users, several firewall systems and IT security applications, and offer a variety of other services in the network area.

We regularly develop software to manage and control this amount of devices and their configurations. In doing so, we provide users with portals in which, for example, changes can be made to the devices or the configuration can be adjusted automatically. We try to automate as many use cases as possible via web applications, so that both errors are avoided and time is saved.

Groups Where the MATSE Apprenticeship Is Offered

  • Network Operations Center
  • Communication & Mobility


Wendlingweg 10 (opposite the Mensa Vita)

Language in Daily Work

mainly German (programming in English)

Supervisor or Instructor and Matse

Marcel Crolla and Philipp Tomazin, among many employees in the Networks division, have also completed MATSE apprenticeship.


Tasks of Our MATSE Apprentices

  • Development of web applications with Ruby-on-Rails
  • Integration of different systems with interfaces and APIs
  • Configuration and maintenance of portal servers running the web applications
  • Configuration and setup of network devices, routers and switches (Cisco Systems)

Typical Programming Languages in Use

With us you learn programming with the language Ruby in the web framework Ruby-on-Rails. Furthermore, HTML, CSS and JavaScript/JQuery are used a lot. For scripts in the backend we also partly use Java or Python.

Number of Matse Apprentices in Our Division

As a rule, two apprentices per year.

Working Environment in the Apprenticeship

Own desk in an open-plan office or in offices with two colleagues each.

What Else You Might Like With Us

  • Responsibility for own projects
  • Web applications that are actually used by many people
  • Regular divisional barbecues