About the Training Group MATSE

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The MATSE training group has a dual role in the IT Center: we organize the theoretical lessons of mathematical-technical software developers (MATSE) for all apprenticeship companies in Aachen and cooperate closely with the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science program of the Aachen University of Applied Sciences. And we educate MATSE ourselves.

We maintain and further develop all software for the organization of the MATSE apprenticeship. Our speciality is the "MATSE Dienste" - a management platform for apprentices and educators.

This means for you: You are both - an apprentice and directly involved in the design of your own apprenticeship.


Seffenter Weg 23, on the second and third floor

Language in Daily Work


Supervisor or Instructor and MATSE

Daniel Weinholz, technical supervisor, himself an enthusiastic MATSE, is at your side concerning all questions of software development as well as living and learning in the dual apprenticeship.

Benno Wienke, training manager of the Aachen site for MATSE and group leader of the MATSE training group, himself MaTA and M.Sc.

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Tasks of Our MATSE Apprentices

  • Web development and maintenance of software systems for administration and organization of MATSE apprenticeship
  • Support of projects in research and education at the IT Center and other RWTH institutions

Typical Programming Languages in Use

  • All techniques of web development e.g. PHP, JavaScript
  • other languages depending on the project like Java, Python, C#

Number of MATSE Apprentices in Our Group

We train two MATSE apprentices in each training year - six in total.

Working Environment in the Apprenticeship

Three MATSE apprentices each work and learn in two apprentices' offices. Your supervisor can be reached right next door.

What Else You Might Like With Us

  • As a junior programmer, we introduce you slowly to software development.
  • We support you well - a trainer and a supervisor are at your side and help you through the dual apprenticeship!
  • You learn agile software development methods and use modern software tools.
  • You are right in the thick of it - not just on the sidelines – we use your software developments directly!