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Who wouldn't like to have an app for their smartphone so that they can check their grades or timetable, or see what's on offer in the canteen - we make that possible. Booking appointments for graduation documents is also best done online - we have the right solution for this, too.

We develop our own software solutions and support the RWTH's central applications such as RWTHonline and RWTHmoodle to support the student life cycle. Our applications complement and integrate the central systems to make digital processes consistent and user-friendly. The focus is on applications for students and teachers at RWTH Aachen University, but also includes applications such as the online application portal for trainees, which you can use to apply for MATSE at RWTH Aachen University.

In addition to the actual software development, we offer the associated support and answer questions that arise. This way we keep the software up to date and can adapt it to the needs of the users.


Kackertstraße 10, 52072 Aachen

Language in Daily Work

German, English


Tasks of Our MATSE Apprentices

  • Developing new applications from scratch - We create app and web applications, but this includes not only the visible part, but the complete stack from backend to frontend. Our MATSE trainees work on productively deployed solutions and thus make a relevant contribution to the use of our applications within the university
  • Cooperation in the software development team according to agile principles
  • Processing of own trainee projects for the studies
  • Support and further development of our applications

Typical Programming Languages in Use

C#, PHP, JavaScript, Vue.js, PowerShell, SQL

Maths in Practice

In many of our applications, data must be analyzed, for example, to prepare data for reports or to perform calculations on data from external source systems

Number of MATSE Apprentices in Our Division

A total of six apprentices (two per apprenticeship year) work in the division. However, there are also joint projects with the RPDM division.

Working Environment in the Apprenticeship

Our apprentices work together with members of staff from the division in offices of 3 or 4 in the premises of our site at Kackertstraße 10.

What Else You Might Like With Us

  • After the block courses, in which basic knowledge of programming is taught, we get straight down to real project work in a team. Everything our apprentices do with us is in a real project context. We have many different projects, so there's something for everyone and it never gets boring.
  • Specialization is possible here, and IT skills can be deepened in the relevant areas, for example for the MediaMATSE or the DataScienceMATSE.
  • Most of our developers have completed the MATSE apprenticeship themselves and can help with any questions.
  • You will gain a deep insight into the (digital) processes of studying and teaching
  • The good working atmosphere in the department with group and department events