About the Division Research Process and Data Management


The division "Research Process and Data Management" deals with research data management. You're probably familiar with this: you took a lot of pictures on your vacation and are now trying to sort them. Maybe you sort your pictures by date or subject; trying to bring order into the chaos. A good system helps you to quickly find the pictures you are looking for even after a long time. But what happens when your whole family, your whole school or even a whole university wants to store images, texts, videos and other data? Research data management is about very similar problems: Who did what, when, how, where? How do I find what I am looking for? What can I learn from the stored data?

We work closely with researchers from a wide range of fields to develop platforms and processes that allow researchers across Germany to record, describe and share their research results. This often involves huge amounts of data being stored on large storage systems. In our work, we take into account the FAIR Data principles and apply the latest techniques from the field of Data Science.

Groups Where the MATSE Apprenticeship is Offered

  • Research Data Management Platform Coscine
  • Research Data Processes for HPC Systems
  • Research Consulting and Stewardship


Kackertstraße 10, 52074 Aachen

Language in Daily Work

German and/or English

Supervisor or Instructor and MATSE

Marius Politze previously trained as a MATSE, just like most of us.


Tasks of Our MATSE Apprentices

  • At our division, MATSE work mainly in web development. The tasks are often very varied, and you have the opportunity to specialize.
  • You will work as part of a team of software developers with researchers from different fields, a very exciting and varied task.
  • You will learn many new technologies, the world of computer science is always changing.
  • In the course of your apprenticeship, you will also get your own projects with us, which you can design from start to finish.

Typical Programming Languages in Use

C#, PHP, Phyton, Javascript, Vue.js

Maths in Practice

Since we often deal with very large amounts of data, scalability is an important issue for us, e.g. a solution that works well for 10 files is still viable when used for 100,000 files. In Data Science, stochastic is also an important part of the coolest algorithms.

Number of MATSE Apprentices in Our Division

A total of three apprentices work in our department. However, we also work closely with the PDSL department and often have joint projects with all apprentices.

Working Environment in the Apprenticeship

Our offices are flexible and you can choose between 2-person, 3-person and 4-person offices.

What Else You Might Like With Us

  • With us you program on real projects from the beginning, that means everything you learn you can use directly.
  • We are a very young and friendly team, you can ask anyone questions and you will be helped.
  • Frequent exchange with apprentices from other departments, learning together is easier.