About the Division Systems & Operation

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The division's tasks include everything that keeps a large university like RWTH Aachen "up and running": an e-mail system, servers, databases, a system for managing the numerous identities, and much more. These all have in common that they have to be adapted for use at a university with a large number of users with very different needs, roles and rights.

For example, web applications have been developed that allow administrators at one institute to manage the e-mail accounts of their staff without being able to modify or view those of another institution. The services also include the ‘Selfservice’, with the help of which everyone can view their own data stored by the university and, for example, obtain access data for university-wide high-performance computing.

Groups Where The MATSE Apprenticeship is Offered

The group ‘Application Development’ is responsible for the development, maintenance and improvement of the software projects and services located in the Systems and Operations division.


Seffenter Weg 23

Language in Daily Work


Supervisor or Instructor and MATSE

Ketli Cenollari mentors MATSE apprentices in the application development group.

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Tasks of Our MATSE Apprentices

  • (Further) development of IT services that are used by all members of RWTH Aachen University
  • Implementation of new features based on user feedback
  • Working with (large) databases
  • Programming of various interfaces and web interfaces
  • Coordination with other devisions / colleagues
  • Tickets & customer support: "We implement features and fix bugs so that things run even better tomorrow".

Typical Programming Languages in Use

C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, as well as other languages like SQL, HTML, XML, CSS

Number of MATSE Apprentices in Our Group

6 (two apprentices per year)

Working Environment in The Apprenticeship

You will share an office with colleagues and other MATSE apprentices and work as part of a team.

What Else You Might Like With Us

  • Close cooperation with the other three groups in the division and thus participation in many different projects/services
  • Very young team (mainly trained MATSEs) and a friendly team spirit
  • After a first apprentice project you will start right away in practice and work on software projects
  • Good chances of being taken on after the apprenticeship as an employee or student assistant during further studies