IT Specialists for System Integration

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  • ... design and implement complex information and telecommunications technology systems (ICT systems).
  • ... integrate hardware and software components.
  • ... install and configure networked ICT systems, put them into operation and rectify faults.
  • ... not only manage IT environments, but can also identify system solutions.
  • ... advise and train users in the use of IT environments.

Apprenticeship Location and Team

As a training company, the IT Center takes on around three new apprentices each year as IT specialists for system integration. Currently, the apprenticeship primarily takes place in the division "Systems and Operations" (SuB) and there in the group "Application Operations & Cloud". This group operates the server infrastructures on the basis of both LINUX and Windows. The actual services are then provided on these servers. However, some apprenticeship content is also contributed by other divisions or groups of the IT Center. For example, there is currently an exchange of apprentices with the Networks division.

The areas of activity in the apprenticeship as an IT specialist for system integration are:

  • Installation of server infrastructures
  • Migration of server infrastructures - either to new hardware or software versions
  • Further development and creation of new scripts, which are used to monitor our services
  • Collaboration in the day-to-day business as well as in the project business
  • Training of colleagues in the use of our services
  • Working independently with other apprentices in the team

German is spoken in our day-to-day work. You will have your own desk with workstation equipment. You will share the office with four other apprentices or employees from the team.

Your instructors are Thomas Pätzold and Michael Wirtz.

What Else You Might Like About Us:

  • Separate vocational school class for the IT specialist for system integration apprentices at RWTH Aachen University
  • Participation in events of the vocational training center of RWTH Aachen University
  • Good public transport connections to the apprenticeship site at Seffenter Weg 23


You can find an overview of the activities in the job description.