Management Assistant for Dialogue Marketing

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  • ... work in service, call or contact centers as well as in administration.
  • ... are responsible for customer acquisition, support and retention.
  • ... learn various conversation techniques and how to use different PC application programs.
  • ... are proficient in many different modern communication techniques, such as e-mail, Internet or social media.
  • ... are also familiar with commercial tasks.

At IT Center, management assistants for dialog marketing are trained in the SeKo (Service & Communication) department.


Apprenticeship Location and Team

The SeKo division consists of a diverse team of approximately 35 employees, 20 student assistants and two to three apprentices per apprenticeship year. The division is further subdivided into three groups, each with a special focus:

  • IT-ServiceDesk
  • Knowledge Management & Processes
  • Marketing & Eventmanagement

Apart from the focal points, our common main task is to provide first-level support by telephone, in person and in writing, to ensure the availability of the IT Center and to handle all customer inquiries. In doing so, we communicate, inform and document with the help of modern technology and thus get in touch with very different groups of people inside and outside the university.

Our main location is at Seffenter Weg 23, where we occupy an open-plan office primarily for support and three other offices all with modern workstation equipment. Another location of the IT-ServiceDesk is in the SuperC - especially for new students a popular contact point for personal support.

Contents Taught and Future Prospects

Apprentices in the "Service & Communication" division learn above all exactly that: customer-oriented communication with goal-oriented service.

In addition, you will be involved in the planning, application and implementation of small projects that are used directly in everyday life. Furthermore, quality assurance is a top priority at SeKo: We work according to processes that are written down in a quality management system (QMS). This requires maintenance and regular control.

After the apprenticeship, the contents learned can be applied, for example, in service and customer centers of industrial, commercial and service companies in various sectors. Various further training courses, such as specialist or business management, are also possible.

Special Features of the Apprenticeship at Seko:

  • Tailor-made induction including a mentor program
  • Varied tasks, in which the own creativity can be lived out
  • Responsibility for own projects
  • Great team with a pleasant working atmosphere
  • Exchange with other departments and institutions of the RWTH
  • Providing help that gets there

Are You Curious?

An overview of the activities as well as information about salary, job ticket and vacation during the apprenticeship can be found in the job description.