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You have decided to get involved and advertise MATSE in your former school? We will be happy to support you!

Here's how to proceed:

  • Take a look at the exact procedure in the document MATSE back to school - so geht es.
  • Inform us well in advance by about the planned presentation so that we can have the materials such as brochures and posters ready for you.
  • You will need about one school hour (45 minutes) for the lecture visit. Plan about 20 minutes each for the presentation with general information and for your individual presentation. It will be lively when you talk to the students - you decide whether during the lecture or afterwards.
  • Remember to have the teacher confirm that you have given the presentation. You can find a form for this in the download box. Alternatively, you can also request and submit the confirmation by the teacher via .
  • Feel free to take a selfie in front of the school and send it to us after your presentation!

How to continue

After giving your presentation, you can do other events in the same school in the following years or go on tour with MATSE-Marketing. If we don't hear anything else from you, we will add you to our MATSE-at-MATSE-Marketing list and inform you about the next events. Here applies: First come, first serve! So say yes quickly and you're in.

After you have been involved in four marketing events, we will prepare and send the application for the credit of the two LP of General Competencies to the examination office of the FH Aachen.

This engagement can be repeated - it can be credited once per semester.


Questions or feedback?

Do you have ideas, praise or criticism? Then please feel free to contact us by . For better classification, please use the term "MATSE Marketing" in the subject line. We are looking forward to your message!