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MATSE is a dual degree program that combines the bachelor course "applied mathematics and computer science" (B.Sc.) with the vocational training for a mathematical technical software developer (MATSE). The course is a balanced combination of mathematics and computer science. The dual degree program ensures a high level of practical training including matching theory.

This means:

  • You are an apprentice and student at the same time
  • You can obtain two degrees in three years
  • The vocational course guarantees a place at university
  • Your trainee allowance ensures financial support during your time of study.

The vocational training Matse includes the college course "applied mathematics and computer science". It is a good start into your future as a practical oriented software developer or a research oriented academic.

Training providers at university and IT companies offer interesting training in various research environments or in manufacturing and service sector IT-teams. Due to this experience mathematical-technical software developers have excellent employment opportunities in a broad range of sectors.


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