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The MATSE apprenticeship combines the dual study program "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science" at the FH Aachen with the practical training to become a mathematical-technical software developer (MATSE). The study program is a balanced combination of mathematics and computer science. This connection to a dual study ensures a high practical part with matching theory.

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For Training Companies

You need support in software development?

MATSE is the solution! We have compiled the most important key facts you need to know as a (potential) training company.

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For Teachers

Do you teach students who you see as talented or interested in a future in the professional world of IT and mathematics? We would be happy to show you the possibilities of dual studies.

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Success Stories

From trainee to professional - former MATSEs report on their path to success.

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Questions & Answers

Do you still have questions about MATSE apprenticeship? We have compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions about the dual study program, application and recruitment.

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