As part of the pre-project Datensicherung.NRW (DaSi.NRW), an operating model is being developed to establish cross-university data backup in and for NRW. The technical, organizational and process-related boundary conditions and requirements are to be worked out. The new and specialized operating model is unique in this form in NRW. In close coordination, aspects are worked out for offering and service-providing universities, which find their way into the requirements for the infrastructure products to be purchased.

Universities urgently need storage infrastructures in order to perform their tasks. The data to be stored is heterogeneous. Different platforms as well as data from different disciplines are challenges for a modern storage infrastructure. The variety of data covers e-mails, teaching and learning materials as well as purchasing and accounting, personnel data and much more. Permanent and reliable availability of all data stocks thus represents an essential component in the context of digitization in research, teaching and administration.


Development of the nationwide service

From NRW universities for NRW universities

Recent damage events provide drastic evidence that it is urgently recommended not to back up data in a structurally, technically and spatially separate manner. This challenge is met by the consortium in the pre-project and develops a sustainable and up-to-date storage infrastructure as well as the corresponding service - beyond the respective university borders!

Service & Support

Service and support belong together like backup and restore. This is exactly the reason why offers a cross-location support, which assists the serving universities with the service usage.

While the administrators of the respective service centers solve infrastructural inquiries, the expert team handles operational and consulting questions. This team includes many years of expertise and competence in backup and restore from the NRW colleagues - regardless of whether the university is a service provider or a service user. The Fachhochschule Dortmund provides the ticket system for this purpose in order to offer cross-location support for data backup.

The Competence Network

In the DH.NRW project, the state universities in NRW are developing a collaborative operating concept as the basis for a state-wide data backup infrastructure.

The establishment of designated data backup centers will supplement the data backup infrastructure, which will be equipped with the corresponding modern and powerful hardware to offer this service to service-using universities. In this way, a scalable service succeeds that enables reliable data backup at NRW universities - and this nationwide.

For the implementation of the statewide backup service, the consortium cooperates, among others, with the DH.NRW partner project