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In NHR4CES (National High Performance Computing Center for Computational Engineering Science), RWTH Aachen University and Technical University Darmstadt join forces to combine their strengths in HPC applications, algorithms and methods, and the efficient use of HPC hardware. The goal is to create an ecosystem combining best practices of HPC and research data management to address questions that are of central importance for technical developments in economy and society.

NHR4CES supports the development of scalable algorithms and software for the investigation, development, design, construction, evaluation, and production of engineering applications with a particular focus on engineering and materials science as well as engineering-oriented physics, chemistry and medicine.

To achieve these goals, scientists in NHR4CES collaborate in topic-specific so-called Simulation and Data Labs and Cross-Sectional Groups. They provide a point of contact for HPC users in Germany and furthermore ensure the connection between users and the HPC infrastructure.

NHR4CES is part of the association for National High Performance Computing (NHR). NHR aims to provide scientists at German universities with the computing capacity they need for their research, and strengthen their skills for the efficient use of this resource.


NHR4CES as Part of NHR

In almost every scientific field, the use of high performance computing is now indispensable. With the association for NHR, high performance computing at universities in Germany, which has so far been organized at the state level, is being restructured in the scientific community. The association for NHR consists of several NHR centers that operate the high-performance computers.

For this, the Strategy Committee was established as an independent body. It makes recommendations, including the inclusion of computing centers in the funding, the medium-term planning of structures, procedures and financing of national high-performance computing, and the annual economic planning of the NHR centers.

The NHR office provides administrative support to the Strategy Committee as well as to the NHR Association with all its committees.

NHR also offers a coordinated consulting service on the methodological competence of scientific high performance computing. The aim is to provide scientists at German universities with the computing capacity they need for their research to strengthen their skills in using this resource efficiently.