Famos for Family At The IT Center

Beach flag with lettering 'Famos for family' with RWTH Aachen logo Copyright: © IT Center   Prof. Dr. Matthias S. Mueller Director IT Center outside in front of a tree Copyright: © IT Center

Once again this year, RWTH Aachen University has awarded the "Famos for Family" prize to family-friendly heads of an organizational unit. The prize is endowed with 500 euros and honors heads of facilities and teams at RWTH Aachen University who are committed to a family-friendly work-life balance. We are delighted and congratulate our IT Center Director, Professor Matthias Müller, for receiving this award this year.

"I am very grateful and proud to receive this award this year, especially since I know that it actually comes from my employees" Professor Müller is pleased with a smile.

At the same time, he makes it clear that it is not his achievement alone. The ideas and constructive implementations initially take place at management levels, but are ultimately borne by the entire IT Center team. It is therefore a matter of course for Professor Müller that the 500 euros in prize money will be reinvested in the further expansion of the IT Center's family-friendliness.

What makes the IT Center so family-friendly?

At the IT Center, there is a fundamentally good climate for family-friendly solutions, so that work does not conflict with private life.

Flexible scheduling or flexible home office arrangements in combination with situational mobile work contribute to a good work-life balance at the IT Center.

Employees experience unrestricted support for their individual family situation if vacation is suddenly necessary, home office days have to be postponed, or attendance appointments cannot be kept in order to care for relatives.

Young families in particular appreciate the family-friendliness of the IT Center: In principle, young mothers and fathers are encouraged and supported in taking advantage of their parental time, and a return to part-time work is never negatively questioned. Parents are shown understanding for the family situation from all sides, be it when children are sick, school appointments are pending, or smaller children jump through the frame in the official online meeting and want to join in the conversation.

The whole atmosphere and mentality at IT Center, across all hierarchy levels, is very open-minded and supportive of family challenges.

We would like to thank Professor Matthias Müller for the famously family-friendly attitude here at the IT Center and congratulate him on receiving this appreciation in the form of the 'Famos for Family' award.