License change of Microsoft

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The "Microsoft Bundesvertrag 2.0" expires on 30.04.2021. After examining contractual alternatives, RWTH Aachen University has concluded the follow-up contract "Microsoft Bundesvertrag 3.0". This contract was concluded for the term from 01.05.2021 to 30.04.2025.

Since 07.04.2021, the IT Center of RWTH Aachen University has been provided with the first information about the final license conditions and thus about the product range.

With the update of the university framework agreement with Microsoft as of 01.05.2021, the previous license models for Microsoft products will be changed.

This license change will have an impact on the users of the various organizational customer accounts (also called tenants) of RWTH Aachen University with Microsoft.

The contract update requires the introduction of person-group-specific licensing, which is possible with the tenants already set up at RWTH Aachen University for students (registration with and for employees (registration with

In addition, the license change will affect users of the first, central RWTH tenant (registration with the address). From 31.05.2021 at the latest, Microsoft products can only be used in the RWTH tenant as a web application - in the browser.

Please note that these are offers from Microsoft and that changes in the scope of functions are possible at any time on the part of Microsoft. In this context, we would like to appeal to users to back up their data from the RWTH tenant locally timely.

The effects known so far of this change for the respective groups of people and what else needs to be considered can be found in the blog "Everything is new with M(a)icrosoft – Part 3".

We are currently working on a final assessment of the full scope of the changes. As soon as concrete insights are available, these will be communicated via the IT Center's communication channels.