New Features in IT Center Help

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Since its launch in July 2020, the documentation portal IT Center Help has been continuously optimized and adapted to the needs of users as part of quality assurance and customer satisfaction. Since February 14, 2022, there are two new features in IT Center Help:

Feedback in the FAQ area

From now on, there is the possibility to indicate under each FAQ article on the basis of five opinion pictures whether the content of the corresponding article has been helpful. This feedback, similar to the feedback function for support requests, should help to continuously optimize individual entries in the FAQ area and increase customer satisfaction.

The feedback on the content is stored anonymously and helps to identify individual content with potential for improvement. This makes it easier to assess where uncertainties arise and where further support is needed. If certain content shows ambiguities, faster and more targeted action can be taken based on the feedback.

Sharing FAQ articles

The second new feature in IT Center Help allows you to share individual FAQ posts with just one click. When you click the "Share this FAQ" button, the corresponding link is placed in the cache of the device and can then be inserted and sent, for example, in an e-mail or Messenger message.

We hope you enjoy testing the new features in IT Center Help!