Deactivation of the Microsoft Accounts of the Students in the RWTH-Tenant

Finger on the power off button on the laptop Copyright: © Pixabay  

With the changeover to the new Microsoft federal contract 3.0 on May 01, 2021 the licensing conditions - also on the RWTH-Tenant (registration via the RWTH e-mail address) - have changed.

For this reason, the Microsoft accounts of the students on the RWTH-Tenant will be deactivated on August 08, 2022 at 11:59 pm. From this date students will no longer have access to the RWTH-Tenant as well as the Microsoft products obtained through it.

Also affected by the deletion are the accounts for the Azure Dev Tools For Teaching Portal, as these are the same user accounts. Licenses obtained through the portal will lose their validity as a result.

The Microsoft accounts on the Students-Tenant (login via and the personal RWTH e-mail address ( are not affected by the deletion and will not be deleted.

The deletion of the accounts on the RWTH tenant also has no effect on the Microsoft products purchased privately with the RWTH e-mail address.

Students have the opportunity to create a free Microsoft account on the Tenant for Students and thus continue to use all Microsoft products offered by RWTH Aachen university.

All information about the upcoming deactivation can be found on IT Center Help.