New Web Layout for the IT Center Website

Blue background with inscription "IT Center Webrelaunch" and drawing of white rocket Copyright: © Freepik  

The website of the IT Center has been relaunched with a new design. The IT Center attaches great importance to the clear communication of the customer orientation, reliability, and stability of its IT services, especially for its international customers. This is why the structure of the IT Center website has been updated. The new website still offers all information about the IT Center as the central IT facility of RWTH Aachen University and as a training company, as well as information about our individual services, research focuses, projects, cooperations and much more.
During the revision of the content, however, some web addresses have been adjusted. Please note that URLs you have saved and favorited may need to be updated.

While the design is still integrated into the RWTH website's content management system, the new layout is intended to provide a more modern look. The home page now offers an improved overview of the IT Center's services, goals, events and current news. The new fold-out menu bar provides a better overview, as well as much faster navigation. The grouping and structuring of the individual services are based on the structure of the documentation portal IT Center Help to ensure a consistent user experience. The layout of the individual subpages has been maintained. Each web page still contains an info box with information on the respective target group as well as further useful links on the corresponding topic from IT Center Help. The text content was also revised. In doing so, special attention was paid to gender-neutral language. All content was also supplemented with English translations. During the implementation of all these measures, the feedback from users that we received, for example, as part of past satisfaction surveys, was particularly important to us.