Vision and Guidelines



The IT Center of RWTH Aachen University

  • is a leading information technology institution in the international university landscape, actively cooperating with partners from research, education and industry.
  • is an integral and visible player of an excellent, technical university with a focus on teaching, research and infrastructure.
  • is a guarantor of digital sovereignty and actively shapes external and internal framework conditions.
  • is a place where people work well and enjoy working, and where open and respectful interaction is fostered.
  • Independent research, training and continuous further qualification are part of the IT Center's self-image.


Working Philosophy and Self-Image

  • In our decisions and actions, we take into account the interests of the employees and partners as well as the students of RWTH Aachen University.
  • As a leading institution, we do not wait for (ready-made) solutions, but actively bring them about.
  • We are service-oriented and act in processes to achieve our goals.
  • We advance research and teaching through our actions:
    • Solutions are (usually) offered as (IT) services, complemented by a coordinated consulting offering and professional and friendly support.
    • The focus of the solutions is on broad usage, they are regularly further developed and adapted to changing requirements.
    • The fit and further development is carried out along clear criteria and transparent reporting. Solutions that no longer meet the set criteria are taken out of service.

Partner for Research, Teaching and Studies

  • Our solutions for researchers do not end at the borders of the RWTH, but have the entire research network of the RWTH in mind. Limits of our solutions are communicated transparently and alternatives are shown where reasonably possible:
    • In a narrower (local) sense, the research network consists of affiliated institutes, partners on the research campuses, the UKA, the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences, companies in the context of MATSE training, and student associations.
    • In a broader (non-local) sense, the research network consists of consortia and activities at the state (DH NRW) and federal level (NFDI, NHR) as well as other research partners.
    • The cooperation partners of the RWTH scientists are also part of this network.
    • Our solutions do not cover the general public, but the mentioned networks.
  • Our solutions for applicants and students support the start and success of studies, taking mobility and internationalization into account. Our solutions for teachers and examiners support the organization and implementation of teaching:
    • To this end, we foster exchange and cooperation with other universities and system providers.
    • Our solutions also include data and information for strategic planning and quality assurance as a basis for decision-making for the management levels of the university.
    • Together with the faculties, the Central University Administration (ZHV) and other central institutions such as the Center for Teaching and Learning Services (CLS), we develop solutions in line with requirements.

Resource Efficiency and Sustainability

  • We live and report transparently on our resource efficiency in technology, structure and internal organization:
    • Resource use is goal-oriented, sustainable and transparent.
    • Total cost assessments serve as a basis for (infrastructure) decisions.
    • We regularly review our structures and internal organization for their suitability with regard to external requirements and update them as necessary.

Digital Sovereignty and Future Security

  • Cloud, on-premise, proprietary and open source, commercial and community solutions are neutrally evaluated, deployed and developed by us.
    • Digital sovereignty is a major challenge, mastering it requires focus and prioritization.
    • Our focus of on-premise solutions is on ensuring long-term independence and meeting specific, formal requirements.
    • The requirements of RWTH cannot be met by on-premise solutions alone, but only together with public and commercial partners.
    • We implement cloud solutions taking into account an adapted multi-vendor and exit strategy.
    • When implementing solutions, we take into account responsibilities and competencies in the IT Center as well as within RWTH and partners.

Commitment and Cooperation

  • Taking into account centralized and decentralized structures, we actively drive processes to shape RWTH-internal framework conditions:
    • We engage in RWTH committees – SLCM coordination, CIO Advisory Board, PAC, IT Committee, FDM coordination, sustainability and so on.
    • We actively participate in the strategy-building processes and activities of RWTH and the resulting documents.
  • To shape external framework conditions, the IT Center engages in the scientific system, forms networks and builds and expands them.
    • Committees on the state level: DH NRW and resulting projects as well as the ARNW.
    • Committees on federal level: DFN, TU9, ZKI, Gauß-Allianz, NHR, NFDI
    • These committees are supplemented by topic-related bilateral and multilateral networks.