EUNIS 2019 - Congratulations!

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The paper “Finding a place to learn: A mobile study room guide with integrated room occupancy rate indicator” by our colleagues Ramona Renner, Steffen Schaffert, and Bernd Decker was among the finalists for the EUNIS Dørup E-learning Award at the EUNIS 2019 - CAMPUS FOR THE FUTURE conference. This award is given for the outstanding and innovative use of information technologies in education. Projects must combine innovation, pedagogy and technology as key factors for effective and engaging learning.

Our colleagues Marius Politze and Thomas Eifert were also successful with their paper “On the Decentralization of IT Infrastructures for Research Data Management.“ It was proposed for funding by the Vietsch Foundation. The Vietsch Foundation’s mission is to advance the research and development of advanced Internet technologies for science and higher education. It supports research and development projects that have a potential value for improving the European and global networking of research and education.

We are delighted with our colleagues and congratulate them warmly!

In the coming weeks we will present these two papers as well as all other contributions of the IT Center to EUNIS 2019 in our IT Center Blog.