MITK-based segmentation of co-registered MRI for subject-related regional anesthesia simulation

Teich, Christian; Liao, Wei; Ullrich, Sebastian; Kuhlen, Torsten; Ntouba, Alexandre; Rossaint, Rolf; Ullisch, Marcus Görge; Deserno, Thomas

Bellingham, Wash / SPIE (2008) [Abstract, Contribution to a book, Contribution to a conference proceedings]

Medical imaging 2008 - visualization, image-guided procedures, and modeling : 17 - 19 February 2008, San Diego, California, USA ; [SPIE Visualization, Image-Guided Procedures, and Modeling Conference ... at 2008 Medical Imaging Symposium] / sponsored by SPIE. Michael I. Miga ..., ed.
Page(s): M9182-M9182