Center of Computing and Communication now "IT Center"


The Center of Computing and Communication has now been renamed "IT Center."


By renaming the Center of Computing and Communication "IT Center," we seek to draw attention to our institution's successful development over the last years. Furthermore, the short and catchy new name is to cater to our increasingly international audience.




+49 241 80-24680



Today, the IT Center has launched its new website.


Additionally to the change of our name we redesigned our website. Please consider adapting our new web address to your bookmarks.

In the design process for our new website, we have drawn on the feedback from customers who participated in our 2013 survey on customer satisfaction. We would like to thank all participants very much for their valuable input!

It is important to us to make visible our improved customer orientation, enhanced transparency, and the reliability of our information technology services, in particular to our increasingly international audience. For this reason, we have completely re-structured our web presence, taking into account the new RWTH Aachen corporate design guidelines.

The new website provides an overview and short descriptions of all IT Center services. For more detailed information, our Documentation Portal provides you with online manuals, FAQ sections, configuration instructions, and announcements.

If you have any comments and suggestions concerning the new website, please do not hesitate to contact us!