Microsoft (MS) Teams for Employees of RWTH Aachen University

Employees use MS Teams Copyright: © IT Center  

Microsoft (MS) Teams for Employees of RWTH Aachen University

In order to provide University employees with a tool supported by RWTH, we will make Microsoft‘s cloud and collaboration platform, MS Teams, available for as long as the current crisis situation requires. As far as technically possible, the software has been configured to provide only the necessary functions.

Furthermore, the personal data of our employees will be securely passed on to Microsoft via an Identity Provider controlled by RWTH (Shibboleth). RWTH staff will work with the tool using the University’s own domain,, which is managed by RWTH.

MS Teams is available to RWTH staff under the following terms and conditions:

  • MS Teams is provided for official use, i.e. for work-related purposes. However, employees may use the software for private purposes as well, i.e. to keep in touch with each other. If required for work purposes, the use of MS Teams may be restricted.
  • The use of MS Teams is permitted for the following purposes:
    • 1:1 Communication via chat and video
    • Chat, phone, or video conferences as a substitute for in-person work meetings, briefings, etc.
  • It is not permitted to conduct formal performance appraisal interviews (“Mitarbeitergespräche”) via MS Teams.
  • The use of MS Teams is voluntary. However, due to the current risk of infection, the University strongly encourages all its members not to meet in person, but to use digital technology for communication purposes instead.
  • MS teams will not be used to monitor the behavior or performance of staff. Any data collected by MS Teams cannot be used for such purposes.

Despite the special situation at present, when using MS Teams, we ask all RWTH employees to take into account the usual considerations of data protection and confidentiality as well as foreign trade law.