IT Center now also accessible by mobile devices

Photo of mobil devices Copyright: © IT Center  

You can even use the Deutschland Online service on the road. In order to better serve its many mobile users, RWTH Aachen has optimized its webpages for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. The webpage of the IT Center as an organizational unit located in RWTH Aachen's central content management system also has a mobile web layout now.

Optimised presentation

Special templates were designed for smartphones, accommodating the changed user behavior and enabling easier usability. The presentation will be optimized automatically for your mobile unit. Depending on the type of device, with which users surf the RWTH webpages, either the mobile or desktop version will be displayed, maintaining the standard web address.

Access to the mobil website

Type in the complete URL of the IT Center page and our server will adapt automatically the size of presentaion.