NFDI - Funding of the consortia NFDI4Ing, NFDI4Chem and NFDI4Cat

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Already in May 2020, the German Research Foundation (DFG) informed the participating initiatives in the first round of calls individually whether they are recommended for funding within the context of the establishment of a National Research Data Infrastructure (NFDI). The final decision on funding by the Joint Science Conference (GWK) has now been made. The following consortia will be funded:

  • NFDI4Culture - Consortium for research data on tangible and intangible cultural assets (humanities),
  • KonsortSWD - Consortium for the social, educational, behavioural and economic sciences (social sciences),
  • GHGA - German Human Genome Phenome Archive (Medicine),
  • NFDI4Health - National Research Data Infrastructure for Personal Health Data (Medicine),
  • DataPLANT - Data in basic plant research (biology),
  • NFDI4BioDiversität - Biodiversity, ecology and environmental data (biology),
  • NFDI4Cat - NFDI for sciences related to catalysis (chemistry),
  • NFDI4Chem - Chemistry Consortium within the NFDI (Chemistry) and
  • NFDI4Ing - National Research Data Infrastructure for Engineering (Engineering Sciences).

The RWTH is funded as main applicant in the consortium NFDI4Ing and as co-applicant in the consortia NDFI4Cat and NFDI4Chem! The IT Center is significantly involved in the consortia NFDI4Ing and NFDI4Chem.

For more information about NFDI please visit the IT Center Blog.