eduroam: Device Management – A New Level of Security

Photo of a Notebook and Smartphone Copyright: © IT Center

In recent years, the use of mobile WiFi devices such as smartphones and notebooks in the eduroam network of the RWTH Aachen University has substantially increased.


Currently, a single account is used for the authentication for the WiFi (and VPN) connection of the RWTH Aachen University, sometimes simultaneously on several devices. Due to convenience or ignorance, far too many users are still using the same passwords for different (online) services. Is that safe? – Certainly not!

By separating the WiFi login data from other services of the RWTH Aachen, a higher level of password security and protection from data abuse can now be achieved.

The new eduroam device management of the RWTH Aachen University provides the opportunity to generate individual identification data for each device. The upside: this way you can – e.g in the event of loss – simply delete the set up login data for a device in the Selfservice of the RWTH Aachen, under the menu item “Devices (OAuth)”.

As of now, you can setup secure and individual login data for all your WiFi-enabled devices like smartphones, notebooks and tablets under (login with user ID, e.g. ab123456). Please note that the current WiFi access with the TIM-ID will soon be deactivated and the corresponding support will no longer be available. The VPN access will not be affected.