Disruption of the Object Storage Infrastructure

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There are currently problems with the Object Storage Infrastructure.

Currently, the Backup/Restore service is still affected by the disruption. The Gigamove and GitLab services have already been cleared by migration. The service Archive is excluded from the disruption.

Since the beginning of the disruption, several measures have been or are being implemented to stabilize and reduce the load on the infrastructure:

  • The infrastructure is expanded with virtual and physical resources
  • Vendor support is involved in troubleshooting the issue
  • The user interface has been and will be temporarily disabled for the purpose of reducing load and risk when changes are made.
  • Gigamove:
    Migration to another storage location has been successfully completed. As a result, the full functionality of Gigamove 2.0 is available again. For the old Gigamove version provided as a workaround, the upload option was deactivated again on 05.08.2021. However, the downloads will remain available until the selected expiration date.
  • GitLab:
    Migration to another location has already been successfully completed. As a result, the full functionality of GitLab is available again.
  • Backup/Restore:
    The service remains available in principle. However, restoring data from individual nodes may not be possible (nodes up to 2TB). Any affected users were contacted in parallel by e-mail with further information and recommendations for action. The user interface remains deactivated until commissioning is complete and additional resources are integrated.

We are still working at full speed to fix the problem and apologize for any inconvenience.

All information and updates can be found in the fault message.