Best Technote Award and Honorable Mention for Best Technote Award


IEEE Symposium on 3D User Interfaces (3DUI) is one of the leading forums worldwide for work on spatial user interfaces. It is a yearly event, currently co-located with the IEEE Virtual Reality Conference. This year’s 3DUI was hosted at Greenville, South Carolina, USA.Colleagues of the Virtual Reality Group, RWTH Aachen University has received two awards:

  Screenshot Copyright: © Virtual Reality Group

Best Technote

Sebastian Freitag, Benjamin Weyers, and Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen got recognized with a "Best Technote Award" for their work "Automatic Speed Adjustment for Travel through Immersive Virtual Environments based on Viewpoint Quality". In their work, the authors investigated an automatic travel speed adjustment based on viewpoint quality, originally a measure of the informativeness of a viewpoint.

  Copyright: © Virtual Reality Group User passing a virtual female agent in an immersive, virtual office scene.

Honorable Mention for Best Technote

Andrea Bönsch, Benjamin Weyers, Jonathan Wendt, Sebastian Freitag, and Torsten Wolfgang Kuhlen got recognized with an “Honorable Mention for Best Technote” Awards for their work „Collision Avoidance in the Presence of a Virtual Agent in Small-Scale Virtual Environments“. In this work, the authors investigated how users react when their designated path is blocked by a virtual, computer-controlled agent in a small-scale virtual environment.