Terms of use for Software changed

Softwareshop Screenshot

With the conclusion of new license agreements and participation agreements for the whole RWTH University, there are also a change of the terms of use of some software products.


The first change is concerned with the utilization of Adobe products like AIR Runtime, Flash Player, Reader DC and Shockwave Player. As from now you have to purchase all these products to install the software. Because the Adobe products are subjects to the privacy policy of Adobe, please read further information in the documentation portal .

The user conditions of VMware Player 7 changes as well. To be allowed to use the VMware Player 7 legally you have to buy it for 10€ each current licensing year on the Software Shop. After that you are able to use the VMware Player 7 on any number of computers in your agency for the current licensing year.

If you have any further question, please contact our IT-ServiceDesk .