On the way to omnichannel

coloured drawing with IT admin and several computers

In recent years, the number of communication channels such as telephone and mail, chat, ticket portal, Twitter, and messages and comments on the blog and Facebook has increased significantly.


This requires greater attention from support team members, as numerous tools for processing have also been added and these need to be kept in view.

We would therefore like to optimize the work within the support department in a way that more qualified conversation combinations can be formed, which can significantly reduce the processing and resolution time. With today's switch to a so-called omnichannel tool, we can make the input channels, especially telephony, clearer so that we can receive and process your enquiries more efficiently.

In connection with the changeover to the new web-based tool, we can now be reached again under the usual telephone number +49 241 80 24680. For more information, see our Omnichannel blog post.