GigaMove 2.0 - Exchanging large amounts of data

Colorful arrows in both directions Copyright: © Pixabay  

Since 2011, the IT Center has been providing a solution for the simple and user-friendly exchange of large amounts of data with the GigaMove service. This service can be used by all members of organisations that are members of the DFN-AAI Federation.

After a design relaunch in 2016 and a function expansion in 2017, the Gigamove service is now being completely relaunched. In addition to the move to a new URL, this relaunch also includes some layout adjustments. In addition, the size of the file that can be uploaded is increased fifty-fold (from 2 to 100GB).

Both URLs will remain active for 30 days. Pending transactions can therefore be carried out until then. With today's GoLive of the new web interface, a hint banner to the new one will be switched on the old interface. Next week (28.06.2021), the function for uploading new files and extending the deadline for active files will be deactivated. The complete deactivation of the old application is then planned for the 29th calendar week, from then onwards it will be completely redirected to the new interface.

Our documentation portal IT Center Help offers instructions and assistance.