SPEC Offers HPG Benchmarks Free of Charge to Qualified Non-Commercial Organizations


Since March 2018, the three SPEC HPG Benchmark Suites (OMP, MPI, ACCEL) are available free of charge for qualified non-commercial organizations. The aim is to support the research community and promote a healthy SPEC ecosystem.

Here you can find the SPEC press release, and an article on HPCWire.

RWTH Aachen University has been an active member of the Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC) since 2013. As part of the High-Performance Group (HPG), employees of the HPC Group have engaged, e.g., in the release of the SPEC HPG ACCEL Suite. The SPEC HPG Benchmark Suites are used to analyze the performance and energy impact of different CPUs, accelerators, interconnect fabrics or process ranks to evaluate compilers and software stacks, or as acceptance tests for the procurement of large HPC systems.