New video conferencing platform


The Deutsche Forschungsnetz e.V. as our Internet Service Provider will provide the new videoconferencing platform DFNconf in the near future.


The platform will replace the old Adobe Connect system and operates via standard interfaces (WebRTC, SIP, H.323, telephone). These enable video data streams via standard browsers (without the additional installation of additional software) or existing video conferencing systems, as well as software clients that can directly contact these interfaces. In addition, manufacturer-specific interfaces (Skype for Business) are offered in order to grant access to call partners from the industrial environment just as easily.

In addition to significantly improved picture and sound quality during the videoconference, there is also a presentation channel which allows media (e.g. PowerPoint presentations) to be easily exchanged during the conference.

Currently in test mode

The platform is currently being operated in an open beta test. After consultation with Thomas Böttcher ( , Tel.: 80-29205), interested parties are welcome to receive a virtual VC room to participate in the test.

Productive operation

With the transition to productive operation, members of RWTH Aachen University will be able to authorize themselves directly at the DFN VC system and independently create virtual VC rooms. The IT Center will report on the new system in due course and provide appropriate documentation.

Further information

More details can be found in the article " DFNConf – Die nächste Generation des DFN Videokonferenzdienstes " (german only) of DFN Mitteilungen Issue 92 from November 2017.