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Due to the increasing number of cyber attacks, which are also directed against universities (e.g. Justus-Liebig Universität Gießen, Maastricht University, TU Berlin) and other institutions, RWTH Aachen University is conducting an internal phishing simulation in the coming months with the help of an external service provider to increase awareness.
This means that you will receive so-called phishing emails distributed over the coming months. You can find more information about phishing in our blog.

Be careful and sensitive when dealing with e-mails you receive. In particular, personal or business information should not be disclosed as a matter of principle. Above all, be careful with unknown links and attachments. These should only be opened if you are sure who the sender of the e-mail is. If you receive a suspicious email, forward it as an attachment to our . In this way, you can make a great contribution to IT security and optimize our corresponding filters.

However, the e-mails we send as part of the phishing simulation are harmless, as they are only used for training and creating awareness. They contain links that take you to interactive learning pages. There is no security risk to your device or data at any time.

Neither the RWTH as the client nor the service provider can see at any time how you personally click or behave. The RWTH only receives an anonymous, summarized evaluation of the click rates.

This action and your support lead to a minimization of the risk of cyber attacks. We are convinced that it will be more difficult for real attackers to place malware at the RWTH or steal passwords in the future.