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The IT Center congratulates on the 50th anniversary!

In many ways, we feel connected to the jubilarian FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Dr. Engeln-Müllges, prorector emeritus of the FH Aachen, founded the vocational training of mathematical-technical assistants at the former Computer Centre of the RWTH Aachen (now IT Center) in the 1970s. Educational programmes continue to develop in terms of form and content: the mathematical-technical assistants became mathematical-technical software developers, and the training with mathematical and informatics content became a training-integrated degree programme at the FH Aachen with a high level of practical relevance through the training providers.

The cooperation with Faculty 9 – Medical Engineering and Technomathematics at FH Aachen has lasted for over 20 years. Today, mathematical-technical software developers study there in the dual degree programme Applied Mathematics and Computer Science while learning the practical side at numerous training providers in Aachen.

Every year, more than 100 first-semester students begin their studies in this degree programme at FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences at the location IT Center of RWTH Aachen University and work in parallel in IT companies and higher education institutions in the region (German only).

It is precisely the combination of theory and practice in the Applied Mathematics and Computer Science degree programme that attracts students to Aachen - because Aachen is where the IT experts of tomorrow will be trained. We are therefore delighted to be shaping the future of information technologies in the Aachen region with FH Aachen as a strong partner.

In this spirit, we wish the jubilarian FH Aachen and ourselves continued good cooperation in all projects related to research, teaching and studies as well as in cooperations from studies to the professional world: may the projects be crowned with happiness and success! May the reputation of the universities in Aachen continue to attract students and staff for many decades to come and encourage them to participate successfully.