SDN for Virtual Serverhosting 2018 – Postponement of dates for the next migration


A postponement of dates will occur for the next migration of the virtual machines (VM) of the service Virtual Serverhosting.


The applied software solution for the network virtualisation experienced an error in the course of the migrations that have already taken place. This error cut all network services from connectivity via IP on the VM’s that have already been migrated. In cooperation with the manufacturer a workaround was established which restored connectivity. The manufacturer’s specialists are currently developing a basic debugging.

We are working on resolving this problem with the highest priority in order to continue with the migration as soon as possible. After a thorough review of the risks and effects, it was decided to postpone the migrations planned for Tuesday 27 November 2018 until further notice.

Publicly announced service restrictions apply until migration has finished: requests for changes of configuration until the completion of migration will be held back if technically necessary – especially inquiries regarding the creation of new VM’s as well as changes concerning DHCP and firewall configurations of the affected VM’s.

New dates for the migration will be published as soon as possible.

All information regarding the underlying project "SDN for Virtual Serverhosting 2018" are available here: