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Coscine (/ˈkəʊsaɪn/) stands for Collaborative Scientific Integration Environment and is a platform for your research data management, short RDM.

Coscine offers for your RDM:

  • Storage – Access to free storage on the RDS (Research Data Storage).
  • Integration – Access to project-related data sources (for example research data storage, linked files, archived data)
  • Collaboration – Access for all project members
  • Metadata – Automatically linked to project data
  • Individuality – Project-specific metadata can be created as application profiles
  • Archiving – Archive research data in place

Thus, Coscine offers solutions for a sound RDM in the sense of good scientific practice, as required by the NRW University Law and research funding agencies. As an integration platform, Coscine provides centralized access to your project-level data sources (for example research data repositories, linked files, archived data). For archiving non-research data, please use the DigitalArchive.


Coscine is developed on GitLab as an open source project. To support modern research data management, Coscine relies on established standards and forward-looking technologies. The integration of object storage based on S3 and an advanced database architecture for metadata form the basis for the preservation of research data and compliance with FAIR criteria. By using established technologies such as the REST API and Elastisearch, Coscine can also be integrated into the automation of local processes and supports cross-source searches for data.
The development of Coscine is financed by third-party funds, e.g. from the NFDI (for example NFDI4Ing, NFDI-MatWerk, FAIR DS) and projects (for example AIMs, VVM) as well as from the funding of the RWTH as a university of excellence.

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