IT Service Management


IT Service Management, ITSM for short, is a process-focused approach which aims to provide IT services under consideration of business needs and to deliver high value to customers.


IT Service Management at the IT Center

The IT Center has given itself an organizational form that provides the conditions for delivering consistently high-quality services. In addition to the departments for the "operational business", the IT Service & Security Management (ITSSM) division organizes the processes for controlling the services to be delivered to the university within the framework of cross-sectional tasks. These structures and processes are taken from a construction kit - described under the name "IT Infrastructure Library" (ITIL) - and have proven to be an effective and efficient tool in many organizations. Three IT Managers in the ITSSM division are responsible for establishing and developing these processes:

IT Manager Operations

The IT Manager Operations is responsible for the Incident and Change Management processes. Change Management is responsible for the quality-assured implementation of changes. It supports the employees of the IT Center in implementing changes according to a defined procedure and minimizing the impact of disruptions. Incident Management is responsible for the ticket life cycle and coordinates the handling of user requests. In addition, the IT Manager Operations identifies issues that are fed into project-based problem management.

IT Manager Security

The IT Manager Security is responsible for the Security and Configuration Management processes at the IT Center. The IT Manager Security coordinates the investigation of security-relevant incidents. In terms of configuration management, the IT Manager Security is responsible for the structured view of the existing IT infrastructure and its dependencies and makes this information available to other processes and/or departments. He is responsible for a security concept and its implementation to maintain IT security in accordance with the security objectives of the IT Center. In this, he is supported by the ISM team of the IT Center, which he leads. On a quarterly basis, he prepares a written report on IT security at the university.

IT Manager Services

The IT Manager Services is responsible for the further development and evaluation of the IT Center service offering for RWTH and external parties. He coordinates service development by establishing and updating the service development process and is responsible for the Service Level Management and Demand Management processes. The IT Manager Services is responsible for their further development, evaluation and control. As part of Service Level Management, he is responsible for the service catalog, the pricing model and reporting for Service Level Management and the service catalog. In addition, he works with the service manager to draw up the service level agreements.